The Sheehan World

Robert and Rosemary Sheehan Wedding

A collection of digital photographs.

Kiss and embrace


Mr. and Mrs. Sheehan

Beautiful grounds for photos

Never happier

The wedding party

Bob's family

Three Sheehans

Bob, Will, Rosemary

The Komendas gain a son

Komendas & new deck hand

Rosemary's family

One more kiss


Love in their eyes

More kissing

Posing is fun!

Kissing is more fun

A backdrop of water

Kissing on the dock

A lovely day

On the dock

A kiss on the dock

The groomsmen celebrate

Bob and his buddies

A trail of rose petals

Ro watches her parents dance

Bob and friends

Rosemary's best friends

Bride and bridesmaids

The Sheehan World