The Sheehan World

Robert and Rosemary Sheehan Wedding

A collection of digital photographs.

Rosemary and Robert Tie the Knot

Ready for the Big Day

Sheehans confer

Nancy, Trisha, Will

Grooming the groomsmen

Bob and Mark Cubed

Bridesmaids work

Ready or not ...

Peeking outside

Family precedes the bridal party





Waiting for Rosemary

Here comes the bride

Last walk with Dad

Jeff and his little girl

Osterville, Mass.

Who gives this bride ...?

Apache Wedding Prayer

Puppy Dog Bob

Enough wind

What a wonderful world!

Ted reads from Corinthians

Rosemary's friends approve

Never gonna' let go

Exchanging vows

Three Marks

First kiss

The Sheehan World